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torchlight 2 coupon

capabilities. Act II: The, mana Wastes, a desert which is home to the. The Embermage is a powerful elemental spellcaster. Gameplay mechanics Edit New Game Plus After finishing the game, players will be able to restart with the same character, and monsters will scale to match (or surpass) your level. Now, a new hero emerges, tasked with following the Alchemist's path of destruction and dealing with the chaos caused by his unexplained actions. Items Armor Weapons Gems Gems are placed into sockets to improve items. The user interface has been redesigned to better support multiplayer.

The editor was released on April 1, 2013. Item quality Sets Equipment sets give bonuses when multiple pieces are worn at once. The game features four playable character classes. Act III: Grunnheim, a haunted forest that contains the ruins of an ancient dwarven civilization.

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Players can customize character appearance with choice of gender, face, skin color, hair color and style. Character stats, skills and abilities Edit Skills See individual class articles for skill tree information. Elemental Guardians, powerful beings who control the balance of the world's six elements. Transmuting Combining items to create a new item Identifying items Monsters and NPCs Edit Pets Pets are permanent companions that fight alongside the player and carry loot back to town. Charge Characters can build up and use charges during combat. Main article: guts Runic Games has released a new version of their game editor guts (which was formerly known as TorchEd for the first Torchlight ).

Estherian Steppes, he begins siphoning magical energy from the. Differences from Torchlight I Edit Torchlight II features a wider variety of environments to explore. Torchlight 2 "Synergies Mod Version 1323". Act IV: The Broken Mines, a short act that serves as the game's finale.

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