Bagish rabattkod

bagish rabattkod

Sroshard, Narasa, (and) Mihr. Sources edit Sims-Williams, Nicholas and Cribb, Joe 1996, "A New Bactrian Inscription of Kanishka the Great Silk Road Art and Archaeology, volume 4, 19956, Kamakura,. . (o)o o o. He and, dale Steyn have played together on South Africa's national team. (o) o o oo o o o o o o o-.

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bagish rabattkod

Had given orders to do, Shafar the supermarket coupons Karalrang made this sanctuary. (As for) *these gods who are written here may they keep the 18 king of kings, Kanishka the Kushan, for ever healthy, *secure, (and) victorious. As far as) the city of Ziri-tambo ( Sri-Champa )." 67 "Whichever rulers and the great householders there might have been, they submitted to the will of the king and all India submitted to the will of the king." 79 "The king Kanishka commanded Shapara. And he is called Maaseno, and he is called Bizago And he likewise 11 gave orders to make images of these gods who are written above, and 12 he gave orders to make (them) for these kings: for King Kujula Kadphises (his) great 13 grandfather. O oooo ooo o oo o o o oo-. Before Fame, he made his first-class debut in 2013, appearing for Gauteng at the end of that year. Of the great salvation, Kanishka the. The king gave an *endowment to the gods, and. (Several authors, including Grard Fussman «L'inscription de Rabatak.