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clas olson rabattkupong

mast shall be stock or equivalent.e. Article VII voting, each Active member shall be entitled to one vote. D) To keep the cost of being competitive in both handicap and class racing at a level which will enhance the enjoyment and value of all Olson 30 sloops. Replacement forepeak hatches similar to the original Bomar hatch may installed.

The object of the. Olson 30 class Association shall be to promote the development of the. Olson 30 as a high performance sloop and to promote.

No Asymmetrical spinnakers are allowed. No greater than 1/2 inch larger in diameter than the mast section. The fleet 20 shall be apportioned between the number of fleets that are properly constituted. When corrector weights are required to bring an underweight yacht up to minimum weight, they must consist of lead or equivalent material. Battens will be limited to four of any length.

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