Starbucks reusable cup discount

starbucks reusable cup discount

just by being creative. Georgia-Pacific's paper mill in Green Bay, Wisconsin, could take in all the world's Starbucks cups but that would only make four days' worth of paper. This was evidenced by the participation of Tim Hortons, a coffee chain operating in Canada and the.S. There were lots of interesting tidbits, including these that caught my attention: Starbucks isn't just bringing its supply chain to the table, the company is also bringing its competitors into the loop in an attempt to find an industry-wide solution to the recycling and packaging. Just purchase the gift card, and then you can perform a balance transfer to your registered Starbucks card. And then before you leave, get a refill.

Since 1985, the Seattle-based coffee giant has offered customers a discount when they bring in their own reusable cups. Starbucks plugged toward its goal of making all of its cups either recyclable or reusable by 2015 with its third annual cup summit. Amid public pressure to curb trash from disposable cups, Starbucks is rolling out a novel possible solution Thursday: a 1 reusable tumbler.

He says its test-marketing in 600 Pacific Northwest stores boosted the number of reusable cups 26 in those stores last November, compared with the same month a year earlier. Sit down, enjoy your cuppa with the free wifi and get some work accomplished. If you purchase one (or even two) of the 10,465,000 cups of coffee that Starbucks sells daily in the US and Canada, then this is for you. Order yourself two shots of espresso and then add your own milk to create a latte. This method is way cheaper than getting the barista to do it for you. In an effort to be a little bit more green, Starbucks offers you ten cents off your drink when you bring your own reusable cup. McDonalds began testing a paper cup at some of its stores last year and Dunkin Donuts plans to do the same this year, but neither requires its stores to offer a refill discount to customers with reusable tumblers. Your boss will never notice that you did your work from Starbucks, right? When you go with a friend (and you can agree on the same drink) order a venti and an extra cup.